Vendors Corner

These pages show contributions of vendors and organisations showing how their system/language can implement the workflow patterns. It is important to stress that the evaluation of workflow products on this site only considers direct support, i.e.,

Is there a feature in the system/language, directly addressing the pattern?

Clearly, the absence of direct support does not mean that the pattern cannot be supported at all. In some cases, there may be an easy intuitive way to work around the problem. In other cases, it is impossible to work around the problem and the designer has to resort to developing additional software. Therefore, we give vendors and organisations an opportunity to demonstrate their solutions and leave it up to the reader to judge. The information on this page reflects the viewpoints of the vendors and not (necessarily) the viewpoint of the maintainers of this site!

* We invite vendors and organisations to contribute. We would like to encourage the use of the latest set of control-flow patterns for this purpose (as they are more precise and comprehensive). Additionally, evaluations of the other perpectives (data, resource, and exception handling) would also greatly be appreciated. Please send any evaluation report to Wil van der Aalst (w.m.p.v.d.aalst AT, Arthur ter Hofstede (a.terhofstede AT or Nick Russell (n.russell AT

Listed below are a number of patterns-based evaluations by vendors