Discussions related to the workflow patterns

This Prova forum discusses the mule package's ability to support the Milestone pattern

The workflow resource patterns and YAWL are mentioned on Topicus' open source workflow blog

The Workflow Research website has a spotlight on the workflow patterns website.

OpenWFE mention the workflow patterns in their forum.

ebPML.org has a page referencing work on the workflow patterns.

Bill Flood from Sybase initiated a discussion on the workflow patterns in the W3C Web Services Choreography mailing list.

The W3C Web Services Choreography group used the patterns as input for their discussions.

The workflow pattern page was ULTRAflow's site of the month in December 2002 .

The OMG Final Adopted Specification of BPMN 1.0 (6/2/2006) makes extended reference to the workflow patterns.