Pattern 22 (Case to Environment - Pull)

FLASH animation of Data Interaction - Case to Environment - Pull-Oriented pattern


The ability of a case to respond to requests for data elements from a service or resource in the operating environment.


Each case of the Handle Visa process must respond to data requests from the Immigration Department.


The rationale for this pattern is similar to that for Pattern 21 in terms of supporting data passing from a case to a resource or service external to a process, however in this case the data passing is initiated by a request from the external environment.




There are no specific context conditions associated with this pattern.


For offerings supporting case level data, the most common approach to supporting this pattern is to provide the ability for external processes to interactively query case-level data elements. This pattern is not widely implemented amongst the PAIS examined. FLOWer provides direct support via the chp_dat_getval API call. iPlanet provides a variety of XML and HTTP-based API facilities that allow the value of process data elements to be requested.


None observed.



Evaluation Criteria

An offering achieves full support if it has a construct that satisfies the description for the pattern.

Product Evaluation

To achieve a + rating (direct support) or a +/- rating (partial support) the product should satisfy the corresponding evaluation criterion of the pattern. Otherwise a - rating (no support) is assigned.





Staffware 9 - Not supported
Websphere MQ Workflow 3.4 - Not supported
FLOWer 3.0 + Supported via CHIP library API
COSA 4.2 + Trigger functions allow process instance and folder data to be read
XPDL 1.0 - Not reported
BPEL4WS 1.1 - Not supported
BPMN 1.0 - Not supported. Message flows can indeed be drawn between the boundaries of two pools, one representing the Process the Case instantiates, and other one representing the Environment. However, the semantics of this construct does not capture data exchange at any moment during the execution of the case
UML 2.0 - Not supported
Oracle BPEL 10.1.2 - Not supported
jBPM 3.1.4 - jBPM does not support this pattern.
OpenWFE 1.7.3 - OpenWFE does not support this pattern.
Enhydra Shark 2 - Enhydra Shark does not support this pattern.

Summary of Evaluation

+ Rating

+/- Rating

  1. Direct workflow support for cases to respond to external requests for data at any time
  1. Achievable via programmatic extensions